UT Student Athletes and Horns With Heart Organization Help Defend the Dream Foundation Give Back to Central Texas Community
AUSTIN, TX (April 25, 2022) - Defend the Dream announced today its official partnership with Horns With Heart, an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit, with the goal of using the name, image, and likeness of University of Texas student-athletes to help promote charitable causes and make positive contributions to the local community.

“When I moved back to Austin a few years ago, I wanted to continue my work with Defend the Dream and help those in need be able to reach their full potential” said Defend the Dream Founder, Derrick Johnson. “Partnering with an organization that supports my Alma Mater, UT, was a no brainer. Horns With Heart really pinpoints the heart of what I believe in - people helping others in their own community.”

Derrick Johnson and Defend The Dream Foundation are working to update multiple libraries across the district, starting with Oak Springs Elementary. The Foundation is investing nearly $58,000 into the local elementary school by installing a multi-functional space for students to read and learn. Flexible furniture, bookshelves, and flooring will be donated along with books in an effort to update the current collection and better reflect the diverse student population.

Horns With Heart student athletes will work with Defend the Dream and Derrick Johnson to help his vision of Discovery Dens in local schools come to life. From helping build and create the actual Discovery Dens to becoming reading ambassadors to kids at schools, UT athletes will help young students have a place to read and start imagining their own dreams.

“Horns With Heart is equally excited to welcome home a Longhorn legend back to the great City of Austin and help him give back to our community” said Rob Blair from Horns With Heart. “We feel proud to be able to give both student athletes and young students alike a place to read and start imagining their own dream.”

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